Wana Caps XR: New Product Alert

wana caps marijuana capsules at the medicine man

Wana Caps XR are extended release cannabis capsules.  The result of a partnership between Cannabics Pharmacueticals and Wana, these come in three different varieties: 

  • High Thc- these contain 10mg of THC and 1mg CBD per serving
  • High CBD- these contain 10mg CBD and 1mg of THC per serving
  • 50:50 Balanced- these contain 10mg of THC and 10mg CBD per serving

They provide quick onset release with effects felt after 20-30 minutes for the initial release.  These capsules are great if you want the benefits of cannabis without smoking or using edibles.  They are also great for customers who want high CBD options. For more information please visit Wana Caps XR official FAQ.