Employment opportunities at The Medicine Man 

outside The Medicine Man in Cortez Colorado
Looking to switch careers? Do you want a face-paced and exiting new job?  Are you interested in working in Colorado's legal cannabis industry?  The Medicine Man offers several employment opportunities.  We employ trimmers, budtenders, growers and management staff.  To be considered all applicants must have an MED(Marijuana Enforcement Division) Occupational License.

To obtain an MED license you:
  • must be at least 21 years old
  •  cannot be a licensed physician making patient recommendations
  • cannot have had caregiver authority revoked by the state
  • must have never been convicted of any felony related to the possession or distribution of a controlled substance
  • cannot be a law enforcement or prosecuting officer
  • cannot be an officer or employee of the marijuana licensing authority or local licensing authority
  • have not served a sentence(including probation and parole) of any felony in the last 5 years
  • cannot be the spouse or child(living at the same residence) of an MED employee

For further information and forms please visit the Colorado Department of Revenue's marijuana enforcement division website  under "Forms and Applications".  To schedule an appointment to get your badge please contact one of MED's  locations.

All applicants interested may contact us using the form below and/or stop by to submit a resume and have copies of their badge taken.